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This is a fantastic and easy herbaceous perennial, with tight clumps of vertical stems with grey-green foliage and whimsical, whispy purple flower columns starting in late June or early July. 


While the flowers are great, to us the foliage is attractive enough alone to warrant inclusion in the garden. We grow this plant in our woodland gardens, with complements like Dicentra Formosa (native Bleeding Heart), Solomon's Seal, Yellow Monkey Flower (Mimulus guttatus), and the like. We prefer the look of this plant in part shade conditions, but it will tolerate conditions between part shade to full sun. 


One thing to keep in mind with this plant is that it is an effective seeder, and will move around your garden, making it highly desirable for a naturalistic planting, but less desirable for a more manicured garden. Fotrunately, seedlings have shallow roots and strong stems so they are very easy to pull out. They remain polite enough not to block out the growth of other desirable plants, when well managed.

Linaria purpurea

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